Hacash Crowdfunding Campaign for Listing on Txbit Exchange

Attention Hacash enthusiasts! HacashDAO is launching a crowdfunding campaign to list HAC on the Txbit exchange, with a crowdfunding target of 6000 USDT.

Why list on Txbit?

  • Txbit has received widespread praise from Hacash members and users.
  • Txbit was the first exchange to list Kaspa, a PoW coin that has shown excellent performance recently.
  • HAC was delisted from Dex-trade, making it crucial to secure a reliable exchange.
  • The growing interest in Bitcoin one-way transfer scalability is driving HAC’s momentum, requiring a robust trading environment for new users.
  • Providing the Foundation for HAC Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • HacashDAO is planning to launch a continuous series of crowdfunding campaigns for exchange listings, with the goal of securing at least three exchanges this year. These exchanges will be selected based on their market size, starting with smaller ones and gradually progressing to larger ones. Txbit will be the first exchange targeted for listing through this initiative.

Crowdfunding addresses for USDT

The following addresses are managed by Ken You, co-founder of Hacash.com:

ERC20-USDT: 0x3D6B83889F207BdfB47a44264F7cFfBBE76b2254
BSC-USDT: 0x63e6dE8666Cd141D100f36C5c98f42dF02778b79

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  • Txbit得到了Hacash成员和用户的广泛赞誉。
  • Txbit是第一个上线Kaspa的交易所,而Kaspa是最近表现出色的PoW币。
  • HAC在Dex-trade下架,因此寻求一个可靠的交易所非常重要。
  • 对比特币单向转移可扩展性的日益关注推动了HAC的发展势头,需要一个优质的交易环境来满足新用户。
  • 将为HAC上线CoinMarketCap和CoinGecko提供基础。
  • HacashDAO计划开启一系列的众筹活动来上线交易所,今年的目标是至少HAC上三个交易所。这些交易所将根据市场规模进行选择,从较小的交易所开始,逐步扩大到更大的交易所。Txbit将成为该计划上线的第一个交易所。


以下地址由 Hacash.com 联合创始人Ken You管理:



We have completed 6000 USDT crowdfunding. :partying_face:

The 6000 USDT came from:

Wuhan miner 1500 USDT
Hacash.com 900 USDT
Hacpool.com 700 USDT
Hacash.Diamonds 500 USDT
Anonymous donations 2400 USDT

But unfortunately Txbit is closing down, so we need to use the 6000 USDT to get a new exchange for HAC.

Please post your ideas.

  1. https://www.mexc.com
  2. https://poloniex.com
  3. https://www.gate.io

To the donor,

Due to the closure of Txbit, I have been assisting HAC in finding a suitable exchange. It has been challenging to locate one that offers a similar price and is also experiencing growth.

With the current surge in pow coin popularity, several potential small PoW-focused exchanges have emerged. In collaboration with Wuhan miner, .com, .diamonds, and hacpool, we have decided to allocate the 6000 USDT for listing on more minor exchanges.The goal is to build momentum for Hacash. We plan to list HAC on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap first and prepare for the next tier-two exchange.

The expenditure of this 6000 USDT will be transparently disclosed until it is fully utilized. All decisions will be based on community recommendations and collective analysis. Everyone is encouraged to provide relevant suggestions in any Hacash community platform.

I appreciate your trust in me. I will utilize this donation effectively to lay a solid foundation for HAC.

[Chinese version]


而现在刚好出现了矿币热潮,出现了很多PoW有潜力的交易所。我和wuhan miner, .com, .diamonds, hacpool确定了这6000USDT将用于上线更多的小所。目的是建立Hacash的势能。先上线CoinGecko和CoinMarketCap,以及为下一个二线交易所做准备。

这6000 USDT将会公开透明的公布每一笔的开销,直到用完为止。所有的决定都会根据社区的推荐和共同分析来决定,请大家随时在Hacash任何社群提供相关建议。


This is good idea: listing HAC (and if possible HACD) in exchanges.

I think could be good list HAC and HACD in NonKYC at once.At least try list HACD also there.NonKYC have licence design Xeggex and indeed it could be next exchange after Xeggex grow (i think NonKYC is Xeggex one year ago).We could see how dev NonKYC handle with listing HACD and we get experience HOW it could LIST and WHAT WE CAN DO ,if will be trouble with this.This cost for now 599 for token and 999$ for coin listing.
We also waiting for listing HACD in Xeggex-(Karl as main person in Xeggex told me,that is need programming work and we must waiting due creating new version website Xeggex). Here is huge chance for whole project,Xeggex have starting hype,but i think this is just start and can be big exchange in the future due many project POW there.Cost listing 1500 $ for token,2000 for coin,but maybe they agree for price before rising.
Safetrade-good additional option,we should be there.This exchange (maybe weak now) is second at least exchange choice for people,who looking interesting project before hyping.
Especially,since we trying listing there,but they have break due work on new wersion 3.0.
I don’t know how much is listing.

Good focus for this free exchanges-people will see ofensive Hacash.

We were fortunate to encounter a Non-KYC Black Friday event, where each asset was listed at a price of 499.5 USDT. Following discussions with the community, we proceeded to submit applications for both HAC and HACD, incurring a total cost of 999 USDT.

Transaction Hash: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x6cbfbbe5aa4a9beb0635c27af89bd0a2a2053ed930523d8cb964a18f159405d8

Non-KYC has committed to adding trading pairs for HAC/USDT, HAC/NKYC, HACD/USDT, HACD/NKYC, and HACD/HAC :heart_eyes:.

Also, they will help HAC and HACD go live on Coingecko, just follow their “rules” about the pools.

Let’s look forward to their launch!

Super! Excellent chance for Hacash! Thank you KenYou for action.
HACD will be list in first time in exchange :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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