10 Evidences Hacash Is Growing

Since Hacash’s creator disappeared in 2018 leaving a white paper behind, Hacash has grown entirely organically through community-driven growth.

Also due to the fact that there wasn’t a team organized and planned to drive it in the beginning, it resulted in it’s communities and profiles being very fragmented.

You may see some communities with only 100 people, but there are actually 10+ more communities that you’re not involved in, and in order to let newcomers understand that Hacash is in fact growing, I’ve gathered 10 profiles to prove it:

  1. 10+ different Hacash social media created by different community members:
    Hacash Community - Hacash DAO

  2. Developers from over 15 different countries have contributed Hacash code: https://x.com/HacashDAO/status/1630142159272964096

  3. Hacash marketplace Hacash.Diamonds team recently attended BitMain’s conference: https://x.com/HacashDiamond/status/1705047220909908155

  4. Over 1300 HAC addresses: Hacash Block Explorer

  5. Over 15 people use the HAC currency symbol in their twitter names: Hacash Community - Hacash DAO

  6. About 40 different addresses and over 800 CPU machines in the HACpool: https://hacpool.com/

  7. Different projects based on Hacash: Hacash Resource - Hacash DAO

  8. Hacash KOL Ken You promotes the Bitcoin One-Way Transfer Hacash scaling Solution at Token2049 in Singapore: https://x.com/YouKenTrust/status/1700929400244764792

  9. The community successfully crowdfunded 6000 USDT for the third time: Hacash Crowdfunding Campaign for Listing on Txbit Exchange - #2 by ken

  10. There are also 2 Chinese WeChat groups with over 500 active users, you can add WeChatID: HacashDiamond

Recording time: September 28, 2023

If you have any other good points please leave a comment, thanks.

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11.Increase bidding for HACD-more miner fight for Hacash Diamond.

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