What does the "Monetary Nature" of Hacash mean?

Is this the essence of Hacash different from other projects?

No I don’t think so most coins can be used as money, the channel feature is compelling once you have some transaction volume established, however in use it needs adoption by some b2b big players. The floating point number system is unique, so you can subdivide the amount of 1 hac to 10^248 which is more than there atoms in the universe is interesting, and the diamond is big draw as a store of value and is fun to take part in.


Proof of Work Coins like BTC,HAC,HACD which are truly decentralize and were created from a grass root project without ICO money but a dream to help changing this world. :blush:


PEGNET.org fits this sentence above (truly decentalized, PoW, NO ICO, no company, no premine, no founders tokens, etc) :slight_smile:

But yeah I like HAC a lot!!

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The HAC follows the Fibonacci amount cycle and produces 22 million HACs in 66 years at a rate of 11235885321 per block. In addition, the total number of HACDs is 17 million, which is indivisible and is a store of value collection. The HAC consumed by the bidding will be destroyed after 30,000 diamonds, and the highest bidder will get the right to cast the HACD. When the price of HACD increases according to the market demand, the demand for HAC for bidding will increase, and the more HAC will be destroyed, thus driving up the price of HAC. When the price of HAC rises, bitcoins will be transferred into Hacash to increase HAC to balance the price fluctuation of HAC. when the value of HAC decreases, bitcoin transfer decreases, and HAC can be used again in large quantities for bidding on HACD to raise the value of HACD. And when the value of HACD decreases, down to the bidding and mining cost, it will stop the output of HACD. When HAC is recognized and the channel chain settlement network is formed by the market, HAC pledge can be obtained on the channel chain with 1% annualization and the output of 1 per block after 66 years to meet the monetary demand of 2% economic growth of GDP. As the value of HAC decreases and the scale of settlement continues to expand, HAC will be pledged more in the channel chain settlement network, which in turn forms an increase in the value of HAC, forming a monetary system where Bitcoin is transferred singularly, HACD bids and channel chain pledges change, and market supply and demand continues to regulate itself in value.

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HAC, HACD and BTC three pure PoW coins form a monetary system based on market supply and demand rather than algorithmic and central control.

What will happen if you send BTC to your HAC address today? I read it is one way transaction, so will it increase your HAC or HACD?

And what happens to the BTC?

Increase your HAC and your BTC will run in Hacash chain.