What do you want listed on MEXC first, HAC or HACD?

50% of the amount has already been raised in less than a month. We’re so close. :pinching_hand:

But the question is: which of the assets would you like to see listed first? HAC or HACD?

I would choose HACD because few people who hear about Hacash hear about its complete system and the PoW NFT with its unique features.

Most people only initially hear about Hacash as an L2 or L3 Bitcoin solution. But we know it’s more than that.

The ethos and ecosystem of Hacash are more complex, and HACD would encourage in-depth study of Hacash.

What’s more, if other exchanges list Hacash thanks to the network effect HAC will always be the asset of choice, making it the most liquid.

That’s why I initially thought that HACD should be listed on MEXC.

What do you think, Hacashers?

Leave a comment with the asset you want to see listed first.


I think much hype will be listing HACD -Hacash POW NFT. This will be more promoting whole project and will get huge attention (look what happen after listing HACD in Xeggex-important was adding POW NFT).
Even for beginning traders in Mexc or every bigger exchange look HACD could be encouraging to buy it and help to study Hacash.
HACD could give project sign unique and innovation at instant and due HACD easier adopt all project.People better understand Hacash by HACD.
HACD will take up also HAC-much attention,price etc. HAC in contrary will not bring up HACD…because mechanism not working in this way.
First price HACD go up, then price HAC go up-that is how work economy mechanism in Hacash.Why?
HACD is go up very hard.Then miners seeing growing price trying giving much higher bids in HAC for winning HACD,because HACD is very expensive.
That is why higher winning bids=more burning HAC
Then HAC is less in circulation,sometimes even decreased amount (like August 2023-October 2023,when circulation supply decresed from 550 000 HAC to 505 000 HAC.
This give us grow price HAC due bigger winning bids HAC for winning HACD.
I know that maybe more people has HAC and prefer HAC listing,but don’t worry. HACD go up HAC much stronger than HAC go up HACD.
Of course perfect after successful listing HACD in Mexc ,listing also HAC as second part Hacash👍 then we will have much bigger community.


Listing HAC is the low hanging fruit and should be done first.

Not true.You read my message above? And you understand?
How many native coins is in Mexc? Many…
How many coins is in Mexc similar to HACD? Answer is:HACD will be first POW NFT and if HACD will be first in Mexc,very fast price HAC will grow (try once again read my message above how mork mechanism).
Hacash with only HAC in Mexc will be one of many project,first HACD give very big attention whole project.
Hacash was listed first in Xeggex.And guess what? Not many people understood Hacash.Everything was changed,when HACD was listed in Xeggex.Just such effect (for sure much bigger) will be with Mexc,when HACD will list first in Mexc.
When only HAC was in Xeggex,people in tg was 110. When HACD was also listing,everything move very fast.Many people start interesting project and Hacash as difficult and complex project
was easier understandable.This is most important: ADOPTION and get more ATTENTION (not only pump). Everything ,what is on the border NFT and blokchain, is very hyped. HACD has two feature in one coin. This can change crypto world really.

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I agree with @kachi22 here, to bid on HACD you need HAC. I have a feeling that @shenzen still doesn’t know how Hacash works.

Of course,when HACD go up very hard,HAC will follow with HACD,because everybody will want get it for mining and everybody must using HAC for win HACD (many people don’t know it,because they don’t know about it how can get HACD and why HAC is burning). With growing HACD we have bigger demand HAC (price growing) and even decreasing (bigger amount HAC will burning).
Moreover try imagine what will happen with Hacash,when mainstream will see fiirst mineable NFT with many features.Will be mega hype and will be loud about Hacash (good project in big exchange has big attention). Listing only HAC not create this effect (many times proven).

I think i can say I understand how Hac/hacd work‘s i would like to see the bidding on hacd to be pushed and for that the base is hac. i hope kenyou will release a bidding option that allows average joe to bid on HACD. Currently the average bid is still very low, if bidding is easy HAC is what we need as it is the fuel to run the bidding.

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You for sure not understand project,because only miners can bidding and it is fair.That is why it is POW NFT,not only bidding simple NFT. This was state in whitepaper by anonymous autor.
HAC also can’t be single without HACD,because due bidding and fighting for HACD,HAC can be burning. Most important is show world crypto unique project.
In Mexc we have over 100 native coins. NFT POW will be first: HACD. And due HACD Hacash can change everything and create new trend.

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