Units and Symbols -- How to calculate HAC amount?

I reviewed the section 6.3 Units and symbols from the Hacash whitepaper. Here is one of the figures:

unit: 248 is 1 mei = 10^8 zhu
unit: 240 is 1 zhu = 10^8 shuo
unit: 232 is 1 shuo = 10^8 ai
unit: 224 is 1 ai = 10^8 miao
unit: 216 is 1 miao

So let’s say a wallet has 2,400:240 of HAC. This means the wallet is storing 240 zhu worth of HAC.

I’m not sure what amount of any denomination equates to 1 HAC. How would one calculate this?

1 mei = 1 Hac
1 zhu = 0.00000001 Hac
you complete the rest

1 mei = 1 Hac

This is what I needed to know. Thank you.

Regarding the Hacash number system, please refer to the following links:

Understanding Decimals in HAC on Vimeo

Discord <HTML code that converts Hacash [amount:units] to Hacash base [amount:248]>


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Very useful. Thank you.

I would love to bring my bot back so it is much easier to perform conversion.

Well, why not? What’s stopping you?