Listing HACD in Xeggex?!

I thinking,that we as community with team could listing HACD in Xeggex.
Let’s try!
I thinking about listing in Xeggex HACD in marketing point of view.Because people are lazy and i am sure 90% people seeing HAC in Xeggex don’t know about HACD and possibility Hacash as project.
Listing HACD give people effect WOW-it is first POW NFT.
Xeggex is growing exchange and i think show HACD in Xeggex could be first part to big adoption HACD but also HAC as coin and their funtcion.
I wrote to Igor,he answe me:


Something happen with link-now is ok:

and we should choose token/NFT

… And we will make it!!!
Ken You will be responsible for HACD listing crowdfund, total 288 USDT.
I and Ken You will donate for 50 usdt each.Now time is for you.
We still need 188 USDT . Let’s show strength as a community!
We can listing our HACD as FIRST NFT POW.This could be huge milestone!

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Thanks to Kachi22 for bringing the community together to crowdfund HACD to go live on Xeggex. I’m honored to be in charge of crowdfunding again.

Here is the USDT address for crowdfunding Xeggex:

USDT-ERC20/BEP20/PLG20/ARB20: 0xcF4066077FB29936A99912714E163F43917E27a6

We still need 188 USDT to be able to trade HACD directly on Xeggex, thank you for your donations.


288 Crowdfunding has been completed. Thanks!

Super information! Thank you for fast action!

xeggex is an excellent exchange! Very easy to use!