HIP15 HACD secondary artistic creation, signature engraving and erasure

1.Based on the HACD transfer transaction, 32-character information can be added for design. Each diamond can engrave up to 32 bytes of data at a time. Any data less than 32 bits is considered a text protocol, and any data greater than 32 bits is considered a hash value. The block explorer indexes and displays the engraved information based on the transaction history information.

2.Signing inscription: For example, {God bless you!}; {Feng}. Take {} as an inscription as a whole, separated by a semicolon. Each diamond can be inscribed up to 255 times, and each 1000 blocks (3.5 days) can only be inscribed once (the quantity and frequency are yet to be determined, but the frequency and total amount must be limited to reflect the preciousness of the inscription space

3.Second-party art creation inscription: Submit second-party art creation to a third-party platform, prefixed with the diamond name and suffixed with the inscription number, such as {AAAAAA:001}. Upload the art of the second creation in a unified format and {AAAAAA:001} to the third-party platform. When inscribing the art, write {AAAAAA:001} into the transaction information, and the block browser will connect to the third-party platform API to display the art form by indexing with {AAAAAA:001}.

4.You can engrave both your signature and artistic creation as long as it is within the 32-character limit, such as: {God bless you!}; {Feng}; {AAAAAAA:001}

5.Inscribed with a 90% fee for destruction.

6.Erasing the inscription: As the current owner of this HACD, the average bid fee (currently 13HAC) can be destroyed, and the inscription can be completely erased, giving the diamond a “new life”.

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HIP15 HACD二次艺术创作、签名铭刻及擦除
二、签名铭刻:如{God bless you!};{Feng}。以{}为一个铭刻整体,以分号隔开。每个钻石最多只可铭刻255次,每1000个区块(3.5天)只能铭刻一次(数量频次待定,但必须限制频率和总量,以体现铭刻空间的珍贵
四、可以同时铭刻签名和艺术创作只要在32字符限制内,如:{God bless you!};{Feng};{AAAAAA:001}