HIP-6 Hacash Diamond Name Service

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Inspired by ENS (Ethereum Name Service) on Ethereum, we propose a new proposal HIP-6, which we call HDNS (Hacash Diamond Name Service). The goal is to use the 6-digit literal value or number of the block diamond as the abbreviation or name of the diamond owner’s account address, thereby simplifying the display form of the Hacash account address.

HIP-6 was first applied in the Hacash channel chain settlement network payment. Channel chain address is now in the form of: 12fEmV9HBRZfnfhypxmtW82TNHbCiHfkzU_cdfb81f2c55e814b03e1a33653666bc3_PaySev (The “PaySev” suffix is ​​the routing name of the channel node service provider). When the address is used for receive payment, you can remove the middle channel ID and change it to: 12fEmV9HBRZfnfhypxmtW82TNHbCiHfkzU_PaySev.

As long as HDNS and the block diamond are used for DNS resolution, the address 12fEmV9HBRZfnfhypxmtW82TNHbCiHfkzU can be referred to by its diamond name (e.g “KENYUU”) or diamond number (e.g #36189). Also, its address’ form is more concise: KENYUU_PaySev or 36189_PaySev.

HDNS-based short address resolution for mainnet transfers and web wallets allows greater security and error tolerance, and it considers that most of the HAC payments in the future will use the channel chain settlement network. HDNS for mainnet transfer will be launched at a suitable time in the future.

受到最近以太坊上 ENS (Ethereum Name Service) 的启发,我们提出一个新的提案 HIP-6,此提案我们称之为 HDNS (Hacash Diamond Name Service)。目标是将区块钻石的6位字面值或编号作为钻石所有者账户地址的缩写或名称,从而简化Hacash账户地址的展现形式。

HIP-6 首先应用在通道链支付领域。通道链转账地址现在是 12fEmV9HBRZfnfhypxmtW82TNHbCiHfkzU_cdfb81f2c55e814b03e1a33653666bc3_PaySev 这种形式(其中 “PaySev” 后缀是通道节点服务商的路由名称), 地址用作收款时可以去掉中间的通道 ID 变成 12fEmV9HBRZfnfhypxmtW82TNHbCiHfkzU_PayInst, 只要使用了HDNS,用区块钻石进行 DNS 解析, 地址 12fEmV9HBRZfnfhypxmtW82TNHbCiHfkzU 就可以用钻石名称或者钻石号码例如 #36189 号钻石名“KENYUU”或“36189”来代替。最终,通道链收款地址变成了非常简洁的形式:KENYUU_PaySev 或 36189_PaySev 。

主网转账和普通钱包基于钻石的 HDNS 短地址解析涉及到更多的安全性和容错性问题,并且考虑到今后绝大多数以上的 HAC 支付将使用通道链网络,我们将在未来某个合适的时候再行考虑主网转账的 HDNS 支持。