Hash rate of zero?


I’ve been attempting to mine HAC for the last 12 hours. Most of that has been on one pool, but I’ve hopped around 4 pools in the last few hours.

Each pool I’ve joined, I’ve reviewed the connected clients and their stats, and I’m seeing a hash rate of 0.00 GH/s across each pool.

What does this mean? Also, how can I ensure I’m contributing to the pool?

For what it is worth, I also spent 8 hours on one VPS solo mining without any reward, so I suspect the hash rate was also flat.

Thanks for any help, and I will move it forward.

Can you check http://block.hacash.org/ if the pool you are mining with getting blocks or not?

Hey Mr.Blank,

Thanks for your response. I actually have it figured out now. I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before, but it is now.

Thanks again.