Hacashers.club official thread

Hi this will be an official thread for pool that can be located at :

To join our pool on linux simply run :

apt update && apt install unzip && wget https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/734761331277824020/804380061699932170/miner_pool_worker_hacash_ubuntu64.zip && unzip miner_pool_worker_hacash_ubuntu64.zip && nano poolworker.config.ini

This will open configuration file edit details to:

pool = hacashers.club:3339

rewards = your address

supervene = number of threads

Save file by CTRL + o and hit ENTER

Close it with CTRL + X

Open screen with screen -S miner

And run :


Detach screen with CTRL + a + d

That’s it you are mining!

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For the last step, works too:
screen -dmS miner ./miner_poolworker_2020_10_26_02

Then check on the website that your new client is mining :wink: