HaCash mining POOLS

Let’s put mining pool adresses if somome would have any issues with mining at the current one.

  1. Wow_0527: / - with 1% fee (at the time: 24.12.2020)
  2. HacPool: / / node1.hacashpool.com:3340 - with 5% fee (at the time: 24.12.2020)
  3. (mine) grievous: / - with 5% fee (at the time: 24.12.2020)
  4. hacash_beijing: / - with 10% fee (at the time: 24.12.2020)

Ha.cash Pool


0% fee
info: http://pool.ha.cash/


WoW_Pool Welcome All Miners

25+ Real Cores Miners 24/7 online
1% Fee only


Hello! We would like to invite you to our fast and stable Hacash pool at Letshash.it - Cryptocurrency mining pool for beginners and professionals. . Pool fee is only 0.5% we provide 24/7 support over discord https://discord.gg/FCQVs6cH or im on hacash pool telegram group @eskalko. :slight_smile: We will update stats, bring more stats and now miners can check their power, blocks found or check payments time, dates amounts:) If you found any issues dont hesitate to contact me. Lets hash it!

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From now, Ha.cash Pool will send bonus HAC (bidding fees obtained from winning 0th/5th block) to miners every 3 days.

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WoW_0527_II : / - With 1% Fee

200 connections only same performance as WoW_0527 Pool