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What is the project about?
Hacash is a proof-of-work and programmable crypto monetary system. It is the first cryptocurrency that both decentralizes and adjusts the money supply to keep purchasing power stable. The entire monetary system is composed of three distinct types of PoW coins: HACD, BTC, and HAC, each possessing unique attributes. Notably, HACD serves as the first PoW NFT and PoW generative art.

Hacash has three layers. Layer 1 includes the ASIC-resistant X16RS mining algorithm, the Beacon Tower Protocol with 51% attack resistance, readable contracts, optional privacy, equity account model, and BTC one-way transfer. Layer 2 functions as a channel chain settlement network, enabling large-scale instant payments of HAC and BTC. Layer 3 is an application ecosystem scaling layer based on Layer 1 and Layer 2, supporting various rollup technologies and multi-chain protocols. One such solution is Hacash.com, which is a rollup-centric multi-chain Infrastructure on Hacash.

What makes your project unique?
Hacash has three distinct native PoW coins: HAC, HACD, and BTC. The block rewards for HAC do not undergo halving; instead, they follow a Fibonacci sequence pattern, increasing and then decreasing. The supply of HAC can be adjusted using HACD and BTC. This adjustment process is not algorithm-dependent but is entirely driven by decentralized market arbitrage dynamics.

HACD is the pioneering PoW NFT, with each HACD possessing a unique six-letter code. The minting difficulty of HACD increases gradually and production occurs on demand. The creation of new HACD requires bidding with HAC, and HACD can also be used to generate art creations.

Furthermore, Bitcoin achieves interoperability with the Hacash mainnet through a one-way transfer technique. Users can unidirectionally transfer their Bitcoin to a black hole address generated without a private key. Subsequently, new Bitcoins are generated on the Hacash mainnet at an address equivalent to the Bitcoin mainnet. The private key for both addresses is the same, and this Hacash address will receive HAC as compensation based on the sequential order of transfers, following a risk compensation mechanism.

History of your project.
An anonymous individual or team penned the whitepaper “A Cryptocurrency System for Large-Scale Real-Time Settlement” for Hacash in December 2018, encompassing the currency framework of Hacash and detailed code implementations for its payment network. In February 2019, developer Jojoin successfully launched the mainnet. Subsequently, in May 2019, the first HACD was minted. Due to the absence of an official team, the community organized a crowdfunding effort in February 2020, leading to HAC’s debut on its initial exchange.

In August 2021, Ken You introduced the first on-chain art generation scheme based on HACD, which was subsequently launched. By September 2021, the inaugural trading platform dedicated to HACD, Hacash.Diamonds, was established. In November 2021, the Hacash.com team realized the instant settlement of payments using HAC, as outlined in the whitepaper, through the Hacash Layer2 channel chain.

In August 2022, the Hacash.com team unveiled a Layer3 multi-chain infrastructure based on Hacash. By August 2023, support for BTC payments on Hacash Layer2 was achieved. In February 2023, the HacashDAO, with a focus on driving Hacash’s development, was established.

What’s next for your project?
Community developers are currently working on a Rust version of Hacash, and the Hacash.com team is leading the implementation of a one-way transfer technology for Bitcoin. However, economically, the HAC incentive for the first few BTCs has resulted in sufficient user willingness for one-way transfers, so there is still a need to address the issue of the sequential order of bitcoin transfers in a sensible way. Once the one-way transfer address is open, bitcoin transfers will be realized using Hacash’s Layer1 readable contracts, optional privacy and equity account models, Layer2 instant payments, and Layer3 multi-chain infrastructure.

What can your token be used for?
HAC is the native currency that powers the Hacash Layer1 network. It is used for paying transaction fees and participating in HACD bidding. The supply of HAC can be adjusted based on market conditions through HACD and BTC, aiming to achieve relative stability in purchasing power. Within the Layer2 channel settlement network, HAC serves as the primary settlement currency. In the Layer2 channel settlement network, HAC serves as the primary settlement currency, requiring HAC to be deposited to initiate the opening of payment channels. Additionally, similar to other cryptocurrencies, HAC can be traded on exchanges.

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