Hacash Exchange Listing To Do List

My goal for this post is for Hacash list all the major exchanges in 5 years from now. We can work together. Keep tracking all the process about listing HAC and HACD.


Start applying from bottom to the top: Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranked By Volume | CoinMarketCap

2020/3/13 CX.com bvnex.com applied.

2020/3/14 aryana.io applied

2020/3/15 koinbazar.com applied

2020/3/18 dex-trade.com applied

2020/3/21 bitz.plus big.one applied

2020/3/23 cointiger bkex.io Lbank applied

2020/3/24 azbit.com applied

2020/3/31 bankcex.com bibox.com hoo.com coinone applied

2020/4/01 NiceHash southxchange applied


koinbazar offered 700 USD to list.

I can donate $50 for listing

I don’t think this exchange worth that much value. I feel if we really spending money we should go for a big one.

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I agree with @Mr.Blank. Let’s push strong from the beginning. If we can secure one or two big ones, then the smaller ones will follow.

But along the journey to get listed on a larger exchange, we have a chance of attracting new community members, miners, etc.

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CMC listing is a priority. I don’t mind if koinbazar listing help us to achieve it. People need to keep their expectations at ground level.


dex-trade offered 2000 USD to list.

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http://azbit.com/ have too many projects at the moment. they can proceed hac listing later, if we still will be interested. they think it could be cheaper. 2 500 or less. It’s possible closer to June.

dex-trade requires KYC for WD, maybe some people don’t like it.

Verification is not necessary for registration, trading on the exchange and performing certain operations. But after passing verification withdrawing will be available to you.

Please note that users from the listed countries cannot use the services of our exchange and, accordingly, cannot pass verification:
the Crimea region, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, United States of America.

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I personally have no problem with KYC, Dex-trade is good, but in general I prefer Azbit, suppose there are 25 people donating $100 each

Me too. New offer from Azbit “Our tech team need 25-30 days for that. But unfortunately the price in this case is the same 3500$.”

Lbank offers 30K USDT. :rofl: How dare you?

I’m happy to donate for the next exchange listing. Should we poll to decide?

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bankcex offers 680 USD

Bibox offers 30K USD

Exchanges Price List:
Kucoin 150k-200k
Bittrex 150k-170k
Bithumb Global 70k-80k
MXC 80-120k USDT
CoinEX 20k USDT
Bigone 1 btc
LBank 25k USDT
Digifinex 15k USDT
Hotbit fee 12k USDT
hoo 1 btc
Bilaxy 6k USDT + 5k USDT in token
Probit 15k-25k USDT
Biki 27k USDT
Dcoin 15k USDT
ChainX 10k USDT
WhiteBIT 65k USDT
Cointiger 12k USDT
Bitforex 28k USDT
BitMart 30k USDT
p2pb2b 5k USDT
VinDax 550$-2000$
Abit 1000 $
Coinsbit 5k USDT
Dex-Trade 2000 USDT
FatBtc 0.3 BTC
Exmarket 5000 USDT
Catex 3000 USDT

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Already applied for TradeOgre.

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Already applied for SafeTrade