Haca$h.net Pool

Welcome to http://hacash.net/ pool with a 0% fee.

Explorer: http://hacash.net:3340/
Pool: hacash.net:3339

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from http://hacash.net/ I would like to announce HACD bidding fee will be shared until 30000 HACD diamonds to every miner joining in the pool based on their mining reward. Happy Mining!

The only condition is your address must find at least 7 blocks in a week.

Updates regarding rewards will be posted in this thread.


i hope to found quickly block to get HACD

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Set your miners to higher cores as much as possible.

14 HAC is sent to this address 12VPrcy6BpZu6Wp6m18kahT4JpJTgbwDiq from hacash.net pool as HACD fee rewards.