Empowerment of HACD

I’ve thought of two paths to energize HACD.

Let’s discuss them.

Actually I was thinking about this visualization idea. But there’re plenty of ways to make this visualization. Besides it also needs a great designer to design and gets support from core developers and miners.

For The Visual / Color Concept:

I think this has some good legs to run with. Not only could “pure” diamonds be worth subjectively more to the buyer, but also “sets” of diamonds. For example, a diamond that is blue on the right side and another diamond that is blue on the right side “connect”.

These “sets” would need to be spelled out very clearly on a nice looking website for the idea to stick, because the “value add” is purely subjective to the buyer. Why does a set of 3 cards from a Pokemon deck that shows how the 3 stages in which that pokemon evolves worth more to the buyer other than the fact they are told “That’s what is desirable”. That would be the key to this idea’s success: Users would need to be taught what is desirable and what is not.

For the Naming:

I like the idea of such a marketplace in which people could “request” a diamond name. I don’t think much is required in terms of explanation. Same reason why people like custom vehicle license plates.

HIP-5 about HACD visualization: