Diamond mortgage loan proposal

Diamond mortgage HAC

Core purpose: the overall purpose is to increase the supply elasticity of HAc money through arbitrage motivation and market mechanism in the short term. When speculators think that the price of HAc is overvalued, they will lend HAC to sell in the market through mortgage diamonds. When the price is lower, speculators can buy HAC and redeem diamonds at a lower price. To achieve the effect of short-term stable currency price.

  1. The annual interest rate of the loan is 5%, the shortest mortgage is 35 days (10000 blocks), the longest mortgage is 2 years (200000 blocks), that is, the maximum interest is 10%, and the part with less than 35 days of mortgage is calculated as 35 days.

  2. 0.5% interest will be charged for every 35 days of 10000 blocks, and the part less than 35 days will be recorded as 35 days. At the beginning of mortgage, we must choose the mortgage time (the number of 35 days represented by 1-20) and determine the mortgage interest. After the mortgage is successful, we will charge the interest set at the beginning regardless of whether it is redeemed in advance( Note: choose mortgage for 2 years, but charge 10% interest for redemption in one week.)

  3. During the mortgage period, you can only redeem at your address. After the redemption period, you can enter the stage of public auction redemption. Anyone can redeem according to the set interest, and the interest will be reduced by 0.5% every 35 days (Dutch auction form), until the redemption amount is reduced to 90% of the loan amount( Note: the maximum arbitrage space is 10%.)

  4. At present, the average number of HAc for each diamond is 8. The loanable amount of the first 32 thousand diamonds is rated as 8 HAC. The loanable amount of the subsequent diamonds is determined by the number of HAc rounded down from the average number of destroyed diamonds. The minimum loanable amount is 1 HAC and the maximum is unlimited. The loanable amount of each diamond is determined at the time of excavation and will never be changed once it is determined.



  1. 借贷年利率为5%,最短抵押35天(1万个区块)最长抵押2年(20万个区块数)即利息最多为10%,抵押时间不足35天的部分按35天计算。

  2. 抵押时间每1万个区块约35天收利息 0.5%,不足35天部分仍记35天。抵押开始即必须选择抵押时间(数字1~20代表多少个35天)并确定抵押利息,抵押成功后无论是否提前赎回都收取一开始定好的利息。(说明:选择抵押2年但一周就赎回也要收取10%的利息)

  3. 在抵押期限内只能本人地址赎回,超过赎回期之后进入公开拍卖赎回阶段,任何人都可按设定利息赎回,并且利息按每35天降低0.5%算(荷兰拍形式),直到赎回金额降低至借贷金额的90%为止。(备注:也就是最高提供10%的套利空间)

  4. 由于目前每枚钻石竞价销毁平均为 8 枚HAC,前32000枚钻石的可借出金额定为8枚HAC,之后的钻石可借出金额按竞价平均销毁数量向下取整的HAC数确定,最低可借金额为1枚HAC,最高不限。每枚钻石的可借贷金额在挖出时即确定,且一旦确定永不更改。


This is genius. HACD get one more game changing use case and also push Hacash to be a fully PoW DeFi chain with Bitcoin dark hole. Can’t wait this proposal can be done.


NFT loan example: https://nftfi.com/