CoiNex Listing crowdfunding of HAC Coin

Announcement to the HACash Community:

I am honored to announce my leadership in spearheading crowdfunding efforts for HACash exchange listings.

Dear HACash Community:

I am the Global Community Manager of the HACash project and I am responsible for exchange listings. I am also one of the founders of the HACash Turkey group and I serve as an administrator in the global communities. I introduced the first HAC and HACD tokens in Turkey and I am one of the OGs of HAC and HACD. I lead 3,000 people in total and I have no interest other than being an investor. I volunteer because I believe and love this project; I take responsibility for this project.

Since I first started researching the HACash project, I saw its unique features. The revolutionary, decentralized and sound monetary policy drew me into the ecosystem.

We made a great effort to build a national community and reached 1,500 people in the Turkish community. Together with global groups, we reached a total of 3,000 people. I patiently explained the qualities and goals of the project for many hours to many people, including social media influencers in my personal circle on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. I am a HACash volunteer. When I look at the promises of the project, I see that we are still at the beginning of the road and I will continue to understand and explain this project.

I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2010 when I was an amateur investor. I have been involved in both technical and fundamental analysis professionally and full-time since about 2020. I have been actively working in crypto and blockchain for four years.

I am happy to continue this journey with you in the HACash community.

Sincerely, [ISMAIL ㄜ]

Project Introduction:

Originating in 2018 from an anonymous white paper, HACash was envisioned as a global currency to replace Bitcoin (BTC) for payments. It is a POW project focusing on a Rollup-based multi-chain infrastructure with three layers (L1, L2, L3) (BTC, HAC and HACD) based on Bitcoin and HACash main networks.

Reasons to Choose CoinEx:
CoinEx stands out as a preferred platform for cryptocurrency trading for several reasons. Here are the main reasons for choosing CoinEx:

Visionary Founder: CoinEx was founded in 2013 by Haipo Yang, one of the first Bitcoin traders to engage with the Bitcoin community. Haipo Yang’s experience and vision in the crypto world led CoinEx to become a trusted and innovative.

Corporate Support: CoinEx is part of CoinEx Capital, which is active in various aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This strong institutional backing stands out by offering comprehensive support for various cryptocurrencies, especially Proof-of-Work (PoW) coins.

Leading Mining Pool: CoinEx owns ViaBTC, the third largest mining pool in the world. This connection to such an important mining pool increases CoinEx’s credibility and operational capacity.

Endorsement from Bitmain: CoinEx has received a significant endorsement from Bitmain, a leading player in the cryptocurrency mining hardware industry. This further strengthens CoinEx’s presence in the industry.

Regulatory Approval: CoinEx recently received a license from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. This regulatory approval provides users with an additional layer of security, demonstrating the exchange’s commitment to regulatory compliance and operational transparency.

Trading Volume: CoinEx has a daily trading volume of $400 million, approximately 100 times that of XEGGEX. This high trading volume reflects CoinEx’s liquidity, popularity and trust within the cryptocurrency trading community.

Security and Transparency: In 2022, CoinEx introduced the “Merkle Tree” audit method, demonstrating its commitment to security and transparency. With a 100% reserve rate and fast withdrawals, CoinEx provides users with a trusted trading environment.

Growth and Development of the HACASH Ecosystem: The growth and development of the HACASH ecosystem is possible through mining and IT investments. CoinEx is a strong option that can make a significant contribution to the HACASH project with its user base, volume, marketing and, most importantly, its contributions in mining and software development.

For these reasons, we choose CoinEx as a reliable, transparent and innovative platform that is in line with the HACASH vision.

Crowdfunding plan:

The HACASH community chose the “donate HAC coins for listing” method in the survey. Based on this, our plan to secure the listing of HAC on the CoinEx exchange is as follows. I presented the full details of the project, along with numerous technical documents from the HACASH ecosystem, to Haipo Yang, the founder of CoinEx. After days of discussion, he expressed interest in the project and expressed interest in listing it for free. They requested only 3,600 HAC tokens for market makers (MM) and other advertising and promotional activities.

We also raised “60,000 USDT” to be listed on Mexc. We will use this liquidity to simultaneously reach Coinmarketcap and other exchange listings.

The following addresses will be used for this crowdfunding:

Based on the principle of “Strength comes from unity and togetherness, mountains that do not collapse will collapse”, come on HACash Community, it’s time to unite for 3600 HAC coins Address: :arrow_down:

HAC Network Wallet : 1EiUZVwHJkhJBWCyPMUJ2SxrSDnvpXjWQm

Donation Deadline: 10/6/2024

You can register from the reference link I shared to show the power of our community. :slight_smile:

Ref No : t5frb

Big Thanks

The Future of HACASH:

I analyzed almost all PoW coins and I may have missed a few but none of them compare to BTC. Most PoW coins are merely servants of BTC; They originate from BTC forks, sidechains, protocol layer coins, DEXs, bridges, dApps, multi-chain projects, protocol developers for creating smart contracts, or ridiculous meme coins like BRC20. In short, most of them are just servants of BTC.

Apart from HACASH, there is arguably no other coin that can compete in the same league as BTC.

I also realized how interesting it was to struggle with BTC’s scalability issue for years. The current situation continues to undermine BTC decentralization.

You will see that in the future, if BTC values are transferred to HAC with “Layer1 BTC one-way transfer”, PoW coins that are claimed to add value to BTC will either transfer their values by joinin

g Layer3 of HAC or disappear completely.

The HACASH ecosystem tells BTC holders: “Bring your BTC and be part of something bigger, transfer your values to me and I will make your Bitcoin super strong.” The HACASH ecosystem is like an upgrade for Bitcoin, similar to Bitcoin 2.0. And its name is…


My X Account :slight_smile:


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Harika, çok yakında CoinEx!


I listed a coin on CoinEX a little over a year ago, but they didn’t ask for coins for this.
Are there any proofs that this forum thread is not a scam?

First is the thread creator admin in the Telegram group Telegram: Contact @hacash that’s not enough for you?
What do we have to lose $10? I am a human being and I like to trust.
If someone sacrifices days and hours for this project then he can’t be a cheater.


This listing will be a big step for the project.


It feels like I’m witnessing the birth of Bitcoin all over again. This is an amazing feeling!


Great thanks at HamUnion and WuhanBioTech and all the others

Let’s go! We’re close

Has the date it will be listed been determined? :thinking:

@blackbird-capital ?