About one way transfer btc

hello hacers :grin:
i just wonder when btc one way transfer can start?

after it start it can create high inflation? does it effect bad way to hacash?

what do you think? thanks

That’s why HAC will be released linearly, and don’t expect one-way transfers to have exponential adhesion at first.
HAC that will be released in the beginning can be used not only to pay for fees, but to bid on diamonds.
HAC will be sitting on LP, smart contracts and loans. Making the pressure to sell lower

And don’t expect the transfer to always be one way either, bridges will be created. Hacash layers will allow third party services for this purpose, transfer BTC back into the BTC network for anyone who wishes to do so.

As an addendum, Hacashers sounds better than Hacers :smile:

When?Best for Hacash will be start one-way transfer BTC,when HACD will be very expensive (much more,than now).Then HAC could be even decreased circulation supply and it could be best moment open one way transfer BTC as natural process give more HAC as will be more demand.

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after more research it should be late, because inflation can affect badly

thank you for responds

i will use hacashers as you ask😅